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Is The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Playing Fair?

Is The U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Playing Fair?

Notwithstanding winning a spot on this most recent U.S. Army Corps of Engineers prequalified bidders list for the construction of the US-Mexico border wall, Fisher Sand and Gravel likewise scored another triumph this month with respect to fights past Army Corps outskirt divider contract grants, as indicated by the Washington Examiner. Fisher claimed in legitimate fights to the U.S. General Accountability Office and in a government claim that the contractual worker choice process was unjustifiable.

Because of the GAO dissents, the Army Corps canceled a $187 million agreement it granted to Montana-based Barnard Construction and yielded that it had inappropriately rejected contractual workers from the offering procedure. The Army Corps has not yet made a move on the other honor Fisher is dissenting — a $789 million agreement to SLS Ltd., likewise on the Army Corps' $5 billion bidders' rundown.

There have been no assignment orders gave under this program yet, however they will be given as required through the 2024 cutoff time. Bobby Petty, a representative for the Army Corps, told the Military Times that the work could be financed either through the Department of Defense or Customs and Border Protection.

A month ago, the Army Corps gave a notice that it would begin prequalifying contractual workers for up to $8 billion of future fringe divider work. The extent of work is like that of the $5 billion programs, and, so as to qualify, contractual workers more likely than not finished a comparative "flat development" venture of at any rate $100 million.