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The Importance of Safety in Industrial Construction Projects

The Importance Of Safety In Industrial Construction Projects

At WCI we care not only of doing a great job and deliver quality projects, we care about the process and that is why we effort to provide safe conditions to our work team to ensure that everything is being done under the law and best practices.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US Department of Labor, construction has a high hazard industry and its workers are often engaged in activities that may expose them to hazards.

This includes falling from rooftops, electrocutions, unguarded machinery and contact with chemicals such as asbestos and dust, or even dangers related to the management of heavy equipment.

Nevertheless, we know the importance of communicating our team all the possible dangers involved on what we do and we choose to work together worker and employer to identify and reduce or eliminate these diverse hazards in the workplace.

When it comes to construction, the rate of fatal injury is higher than the national average, with dangers related to falls from heights, scaffold and trench collapses, electrocutions, failures in the proper use of personal protective equipment and others related to repetitive motion injuries.

Furthermore, when scaffolds are not erected or used properly, accidents may happen and it is more often every time. Taking care of ladders and stairways is another way to prevent accidents related to falling, slips, and trips. Studies indicate that prevention in this area would help to avoid approximately 4500 injuries per year.

Another important aspect to consider is the hazard communication, understanding that consequences of failures in this matter when working with chemicals could cause burns, fires, explosions and respiratory problems, some of them irreversible.

Prevention as a Key

It's very useful to have a checklist dedicated to safety, so you won´t forget anything before initiating a project. It will help you to avoid hazards that can be fatal.

This list should include personal protective equipment, foot and hand protection, head protection which is one of the most important to avoid serious injuries, among others. Moreover, is also important to work on the prevention equipment on scaffoldings and cranes, with electrical equipment, on elevation systems and every task included in a project.

At WCI we are convinced that working on prevention and having the accurate safety types of equipment we will avoid any kind of damage and be completely happy with every job done.