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WCI - US Construction, The Best of the Best

WCI - US Construction, The Best Of The Best

If you are looking for a construction company that is dedicated to both excellence and consistency, look no further than WCI. Headquartered in Elizabethton, TN, WCI is a national general contracting and construction management firm that is devoted to industrial, commercial and specialty construction. With additional offices and equipment in Arkansas, they keep their reach wide and provides the same commitment to quality in every project they take on.

“Staying true to our market niches and our customer wishes is key to staying an industry leader,” Michael Whitehead, President, and mainstay since the corporation was established. “We want to bring a lot to the table as we approach a customer’s needs. We don’t want to be a commodity contractor, a jack of all trades and master of none. We specialize in our marketplaces, which have a similarity of a high end fit and finish with related high expectations.”

The WCI family got it’s start in Elizabethton, Tennessee in 1961. They transitioned from residential building to national industrial construction. Considering their specialized niche in the electrostatic precipitator market, they have had to employ a high level of commitment and loyalty in order to maintain longstanding relationships with clients. WCI approaches clients with the intention of working with them for the long haul. This means developing trust through performance and managing expectations.

In order to turn their client’s visions into realities WCI has to employ both the best workers and the best technology. Every project has unique conditions that require attention and flexibility. This is made possible by WCI’s employees’ unwavering enthusiasm for their work throughout each step of the process.

WCI is the leader in the electrostatic precipitator industry. They know their strengths and seek to better themselves with every new project. WCI executive management ensures that they will provide the highest quality craftsmanship using the latest construction techniques with the best materials and service. In doing so, they take ownership of their published corporate mantra: “We Listen, We Communicate, We are Accountable”.